Transition To Green Community Clubs are forming in Southern California. TToG is on the path to becoming a non-profit organization. It was created out of a desire to learn more about making the Transition To Greener living, beginning in our homes that have a direct impact on our communities. Therefore, TToG is all about offering a Public Educational Service as well as leadership opportunities to the community. Call For Volunteers! Make your Transition To Green Community Club Important by volunteering your time to help it grow. Learn how you can become an area organizer of a chapter. Each Chapter holds some fixed offices that rotate out such as the Invocator, Reception Hosts, Sgt. of Arms, and General Assistants. Fixed offices (for 6 months) are as follows: President, Vice President, MC, Camera Person (Stills & Video), Membership Host and Treasury. For those who volunteer their time, an end of the 6 months party is held for all the officers (Cross Chapters). Volunteering is an opportunity for people not only to do something great for their local community, but also gain important leadership skills.



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